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Shi Boy [userpic]
In His SIght
by Shi Boy (shiboy)
at June 11th, 2013 (08:21 pm)

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In His Sight B&W
Author: Shi Boy
Title: In His Sight            Click Here to Read More
Characters/Pairings: Steve Jinks/Liam Napier, Claudia Donovan, Pete Lattimer/Myka Bering
Synopsis: AU Steve Jinks is a powerful psychic who has retreated from the world and the horrors that have surrounded him for far too long. Detective Liam Napier must have his help or a young girl will die. Claudia Donovan is Steve's best friend who wants to protect him from the world and keep him safe.
Rating: R
Warnings: au, slash, hurt, psychic Steve
Disclaimer: I don't own Warehouse 13 or any of these characters. I don't get paid for writing fanfics